Currently working with:
• Prog Legends (Progressive-Rock show, touring theaters around Italy)
• David’s Pianosound (Acid Jazz, Soul, Funk)
• PULSE! Trio (Fusion Power-Trio)
…and others

- In 2022 Carl Verheyen calls him on stage as a guest for two dates of his Italian tour.
- In 2021 he wins the “Jam Of The Month” competition by JTC Guitar, with Josh Smith as judge.
- Since 2020 he’s been working with M° Alessio Menconi, publishing several books, methods and video-lessons.


In 2020 he takes the Jazz Guitar Degree (110/110 and praise) at the Conservatory, studying with M° Michele Calgaro.

He’s also had the huge honor to take private lessons with: Carl Verheyen, Mike Stern, Alessio Menconi.

Over the years he attends many masterclasses:
Guthrie Govan, Pat Metheny, Tuck Andress, David Baker, Ciro Manna, Jimmy Cobb, Carl Verheyen, Dado Moroni, Federico Malaman, Trio Bobo, Ettore Martin...


Being a hired-gun musician (with hundreds of shows of field experience) he’s had the chance to play in a big variety of styles, genres and gigs (from the most common set-ups to Big-Band, Choir and Orchestra).

Some of the projects he played in (as a member or sub):
Prog Legends, PULSE! Trio, The T-Bone’s Creed, Didols, New Victory Gospel, BLAK (Blues Brothers Tribute), Paolo Jus Trio, Marialuna, Mely & The Moodies, Penelope E I Diabolici Toupè, Young Big-Band Steffani, Steffani’s Jazz Ensemble, Steffani’s Pop Ensemble, Made In Italy-Funky Stuff, Rejouissance (Symphonic-Rock Orchestra), Django, Jank, The Funkful Eight, Le Ombre Di Rosso, Midway Chorus, IMP.Act…

Besides, he’s been conducting an intense teaching activity as a guitar, harmony/theory and ensemble instructor in several music schools.


Funk/Jazz/Fusion oriented guitarist with a huge love for Groove and Black Music.

Some of the the main influences:
Robben Ford, George Benson, Eric Johnson, Mike Stern…

Other artists that inspire him:
Michael Brecker, Wes Montgomery, Carl Verheyen, Pat Metheny, Joe Bonamassa, Andy Timmons, Al Di Meola, Scott Henderson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Potter…


Born in a family really passionate about music, he fell in love with the guitar pretty soon, and started to take lessons at the age of 8 in the local music school (IMP in Aviano).
After a few years with his mentor Roberto Colussi, who tought him to love and play every musical style, and who first introduced him to Jazz and harmony, he took the IMP Diploma with higher grades.

His first interest was the Blues (Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray…), then someday he casually discovered Eric Johnson and everything changed…


• Singing: he took some lessons from Laura Battel and Francesca Bertazzo. Now he’s practicing on his own and playing backing-vocals on live gigs.

• Bass: he first approached the instrument after being shocked by Mark King’s playing, he then studied on his own down the Funk/Soul path. He occasionally plays bass live as a sub.

In 2015 he takes the IT diploma at ITST “J.F. Kennedy” in Pordenone (100/100).